Are Kitchen Moths, Dog Food Moths and Birdseed moths the same?

Q: Are the moths I see in my kitchen and my daughters dog food the same?

We have a indoor moth problem. They are small and we’ve been noticing them since March. They are little and wispy. I see them in the kitchen. Our daughter and her family kept their dog food open bag in our large back porch. We also have bird seed in a feeder outside, usually kept in the garage in a storage container. Are all of these moths related?

Will order your product and see what happens.

Johnson from Oregon

A: Birdseed, Dogfood, Kitchen moths are all the same.

All of these moths are the same, they are basically food moths, or commonly called pantry moths. These moths will eat cat food, dog food, bird seed and practically anything you leave open in your cupboards.
These moths can be controlled with pantry moth traps.

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