Moth trap pheromone lures safer than pesticides?

Q: Is a pheromone safer than a pesticide?

I have little brown moths in my cereal boxes and want to get rid of them.
When I look up how to control the moths, I see ads for exterminators and moth traps. The moth traps say they use pheromones, but I want to know is a pheromone in a moth trap safer than getting an exterminator?
Will order your product and see what happens.

Bettie G from Missouri

A: YES, Pheromones are safer than pesticides

We never advocate using an exterminator for pantry moths because of the risk of having pesticides (which means pest killers, or poision) near your food.

Here is the Pantry Moth Trap Lure MSDS

When you review the Indian Meal Moth Lure MSDS, notice in Section II under hazardous ingredients reads: NONE. Pheromones are harmless, and very effective for attracting male moths.

The term ‘pheromones‘ means a scent that triggers a social reaction from members of the same species. So for moths, a female pheromone means the scent of a female indianmeal moth ( or any other name for a pantry moth, Plodia interpunctella ). When a male moth is ready to mate, he starts hunting for females, and the pheromone is the way he finds them.

Moth trap pheromones are not toxic, or poisonous and are perfectly safe for use around food products.

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